Video Surveillance Systems

With today’s increased need for security Video Surveillance Systems are in great demand. Cypress Communications, Inc. has been designing and implementing surveillance systems since 1983. We only use top of the line, technically advanced, equipment to ensure longevity and dependability. Our digitally recorded systems have been installed in locations such as entrance gates to residential communities, building parking lots, condominium lobbies, and within office buildings. We also install broadcast quality systems in municipalities and other government institutions. Examples of this are the camera systems installed for the City of Lake Park, Florida where the city council meetings are broadcast live over the cable television system for the city and the First Appearance camera system connecting the County Jail and the Martin County Courthouse located in Martin County, Florida. Our camera systems can also be viewed over the Internet and smart phones. Homeowners can view childcare professionals within their home while at work or, business owners can view their office while out of town. Whatever your motive for video surveillance, Cypress Communications, Inc. can custom tailor a system to meet your needs.

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